Since 2003, Liz Rodriguez, and the EMR Media team, have been either Unit Publicists or Film Publicity, for over 100 movies of all genres. From Deadline, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter press placements to organizing film premieres, press conferences, distribution and film reviews.

At EMR Media we begin the film publicity journey before you even start principal photography, from the cast announcements in the trade, which elevates your film for potential sales agents and buyers worldwide to strategizing with you on your film niche in the market place. Once your film is ready for release, we announce any film premiere plans and release dates where the focus shifts to national, regional and genre specific media outlets in order to give your film the necessary exposure to success within its demographic.  We select film critics with your screener, key art and any sneak peak behind the scenes photos, as well as the opportunity to interview key cast members and filmmakers in order to increase audience interest ahead of the films release date.

Liz has personally orchestrated major red carpet film premieres, international exhibitions and conferences all over the world, from South Africa to Dubai, Europe to across North America. The annual Cannes Film Festival in France and the American Film Market held in Santa Monica in California is just some of the examples of where the team can assist you. Both Cannes and AFM are two of the entertainment industry’s largest networking opportunities. Thousands of projects are pitched to industry professionals from around the globe. We handle the process for you, from the booking of the suite and accreditations, parking and furniture logistics to the finishing touches of the audio-visuals, branded merchandise and collateral – the team at EMR Media handle it all for the filmmakers, and then for the ten days network with you your project at in order to sell internationally.

In addition, on a “day to day” basis, the team represents different film distribution companies and often assists filmmakers with production and distribution. Each movie is different so please contact us for a tailor-made quote.

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