ACT Like A Child Magazine – What Is A Publicist?

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ACT Like A Child Magazine
What Is A Publicist?
Contributing Writer – Liz Rodriguez of EMR Media

Liz Rodriguez

Often I am asked “What is a Publicist?”, and that is a good question, as defining what a publicist actually does and their professional contributions to an artist can be confusing to many parents who have not been exposed fully to the entertainment industry and all of its facets, because let’s be honest – there are a lot of variables to understand!

It doesn’t help that the term Publicist has many connotations especially in Hollywood, so to clarify a little within the context of the entertainment industry, the basic term ‘Publicist’ is used to describe a, hopefully, qualified individual who is hired to know how to make their client news worthy and known to both their peers (casting agents, directors and producers) and their ‘public’ (their public audience).

For example, a publicist is part of the talents ‘team’. Just as an agent and manager have the responsibility to generate work opportunities for their clients with auditions and castings, a publicist is to use those booked opportunities, however big or small, and ‘spin’ them in to a story the media would be interested in placing. That media exposure will raise the personal profile of that client, which in turn will help the manager and agent book further auditions and grow towards bigger and better roles, with those bigger and better roles comes greater media exposure and public awareness.

In other words, they are paid to use their PR skills and media connections in order to get their clients noticed within the realms of the entertainment industry which will help towards the overall packaging of that artist’s career.

Knowing when you need a publicist I’ll uncover in the next issue!

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