ACT Like A Child Magazine – Who Hires A Publicist?

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ACT Like A Child
Who Hires A Publicist?
Contributing Writer – Liz Rodriguez of EMR Media

Liz Rodriguez

Following on from our first article ‘What is a Publicist’ I’m frequently asked who hires a publicist? And when should I hire a publicist? So with that in mind, I thought I’d answer.

Who hires a publicist? Really, anyone who is serious about their career in entertainment and are ready to take it to the next level should consider hiring a personal publicist. Although finding a good publicist that fits your budget can often be a challenge!

Since there are many types of personal publicists, especially in Hollywood, and although most of the time a good PR firm crosses over many of them, some publicists focus on local PR and others international, some just write press releases and cover red carpets, and others go that much further to target the media with a PR strategy and a clients overall branding. Like anything we buy, it’s all about personal needs, timing and budgets.

Those that hire and need a publicist are normally looking to raise their personal profile within the entertainment industry. They either have a project that they can use as a platform to promote themselves to gain the required recognition to a mass audience, or they are looking to book their next job and need help in ‘standing out’ from the crowd by using the publicists industry relationships and some creative PR tactics to do so.

A personal publicist is there to get you ‘out there’ in the world and recognized. They are famed for working as a team to create celebrities by using their strategies and creative tactics, connections, photographers and the media who can have that winning photo published and seen by millions, thus raising a clients profile in the entertainment industry. From that continuous media exposure, it is hoped, the client will develop their career at an accelerated rate by booking the next ‘gig’, often bigger and better than the last.

Next issue I’ll uncover the burning question – What does a publicist actually do?

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