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I interviewed Matthew to find out more.

Liz Rodriguez: How did you get involved with the gohelp charity?

Matthew John: A friend of mine Stephen Edwards, came up with the idea, and then myself and another friend David Griffths agreed to help. Like any company, it was a slow start at first, but by 2008, we were the charity was sailing thou. I mainly attributed to the charity on a marketing aspect. I have some experience in marketing and pr. I didn’t quite expect it to grow this large, but proud of what we have been to achieve.

Liz Rodiguez: Raising over £250,000 in two years is very impressive. That is quite an achievement. How did you manage that?

Matthew John: Stephen Edwards and David, really deserve more of the credit. Particularly Stephans as it was his idea. The most important attribute was Team work. I think we have stuck well as a team. And that is also really what the rallies are about, team work. And I think that has primarily helped, not only in the rallies, but also in helping raise the money. Stephen Edwards is an amazing, director of the charity. We have had our ups and downs, but have always stuck together. Teamwork is the ethos of the whole company.

The other thing is. The marketability. It appeals to students, holiday makers, companies looking to sending their staff on team building exercises. Particularly with companies, looking for team building exercises.  

Liz Rodiguez: Were there any strong reasons why you started the charity?

Matthew John: The good work it does for people. On an international level. The fact, it is a charity that is always looking to expand and work with other charities, organisations. Constantly growing. And the part of working with a great group of people.  Working with Stephen, David and the rest of the team has helped me rebuilt my faith in people. Sounds abit cheesy, but it is true. I strongly recommend going on a rally or working with the charity, as it is an extraordinary rewarding feeling.

Liz Rodiguez: What type of people go on these Rallies?

Matthew John: Anyone and everyone. Really. But what I would like to pitch. If you’re at a point in your life, where you’re not sure what you want to do in life. Join the charity. Learn how to problem solve. Learn how to work in a team. Make friends.

Directors of companies. If your staff, aren’t being productive. If they aren’t working well as a team. Send them on a Rallie. They will have fun. Come back as a strong productive team. Plus, you can claim charitable donations back off your tax bill. Plus. Sponsor the charity. PR potential. As the charity is well known all over the world. It’s a no-brainer. Works on every level.

Liz Rodiguez: Who benefits from the Rallies?

Each Rally, helps different causes, countries in a slightly different ways. The last rallie we did in Cambodian helped primarily with support needed in cambodia. It helped with water, sanitation, housing, construction, sustainable

agriculture, healthcare, childcare, orphan care and education. Many varying ways. But Stephen primarily looks at putting the money into, projects that help the people, help themselves. Weather that be in schools, or giving people tools that help them grow their own food or run their businesses. And sometimes, we work with other charity’s, that are based in those areas. So it changes. The next rallies will be helping people in Mongolio and Takistan. I can send you the link, which I would be grateful if you could post.

Liz Rodiguez: Can you tell us more about this?

Matthew John: Takistan, is on the 3 July, involves teams driving from London to Tajikistan. The length of the drive is around 8000 miles. Teams are required to raise a minimum of £750. And it is in partnership with a charity called SWORDE. A Tajikistan based charity. Vehicles that make it to the finishing line are sold to raise money for SWORDE too.

Mongolio Charity starts on the  10 July 2010. It’s a big one. An epic six-week, 10,000 mile drive that starts at Highbury Fields in Islington, finishes in the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar. They get to go over, I think, five mountain ranges, two deserts and the vast Eurasian steppes along the way. It’s not an easy one. But wow, what an adventure. If you’re a adrenaline junky, I highly recommend it.

Liz Rodiguez: To get more details click here.

Liz Rodiguez: Is there anything you would say?

Matthew John: Check out the websites.

See what a great cause, see what a great adventure . Come be part of the team. Make new friends. I think it speaks for itself.

Liz Rodiguez: Thank you for your time.

Matthew John: Thank you for helping spread the word.

Picture of Matthew John (Dircetor of Olympus Productions)

matthew john olympus productions

matthew john olympus productions

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