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Written By:  | June 15, 2012 Posted In: Entertainment

Hollywood’s hottest new musical TV show ‘Natasha Mail Order Bride Escape to America©’ ( has just opened at this year’s 3rd Annual Hollywood Fringe Festival and is definitely this year’s ‘grab it by the balls’ favorite.

Written and produced by Canadian-born actress Brooke Forbes (, the comedy musical sit-com was designed and developed specifically for a television audience, and is complete with belly dancers and live original music. Leading the 15 strong cast is Brooke herself playing the main character role of Natasha, a cross between Lucille Ball and a female Borat.

Audiences will fall in love with Natasha, a citizen from a 4th world country of Crapistan destined to ‘live the American dream’. Ever since she was a little girl growing up in Crapistan, Natasha has devoured all things American. Finally, through the wonders of the internet, she finds her way to a Bel Air mansion and into the loving arms of a socially inept internet mogul. After a “Hangover 2” type night Eugene, her new husband, thought he was ordering over the internet a blow-up doll but what he ordered was certainly not just any ordinary piece of plastic adult entertainment, but the real thing, his very own mail order bride. With her own “How to be an American” scrapbook as a guide, Natasha, the upbeat optimist takes on a new, often impossible challenge to be a ‘True American’.

Natasha tells the audience proudly in her own Crapistani way “My husband is sooooo American, he has the big shoe. He’s so fat and he’s in debt!!” and she complains, “In America I try to be true American like the Miss Snookie. I eat the greasy food, I try get in debt. I try to get most famous but it’s taking me all day!!!”

In her quest to be what she considers to be a ‘True American’ Natasha makes friends with her neighbor she explains “I make friends with my neighbor Bebe Rockefeller. She is so American she is like the Paris or Lindsay. She do nothing all day!!” *sigh* “So American!”

Visitors to this high energy and side splitting ‘must see’ stage production will be treated to original songs, music and hilarious one liners in a very fun, comical and creative way.

Catch ‘Natasha Mail Order Bride Escape to America’ at The Complex, 6470 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA90038. The remaining show dates are June 16th at 6:00pm, Thursday June 21st at 8:15 pm and closes on Saturday June 23rd at 4:30 pm.

For Further information contact. Liz Rodriguez at 310 435 3634 –


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