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I’m more than a little impressed with Brett A. Hart’s directorial debut. He offers a stylishly grown up thriller that isn’t afraid to get wet with the red stuff. There are a couple moments that will make even a strong man cringe… seriously, the cactus will mess you up – Jimmy O’ Arrow In The Head


Luke Goss is chased across the desert by a whacked out Lance Henriksen for reasons that are not made clear until the end. Goss is exceptional as the protagonist, and Henriksen is insanely good as the villain. He puts Goss through some nasty stuff (handcuffed naked to a cactus, strapped to the hood of a truck, stuff like that). Just a brilliant flick from start to finish – 411

— Director Brett A Hart offers the ultimate ‘one of a kind’ souvenir to the fans of Lance Henriksen, Luke Goss and BONE DRY (2007) —


LOS ANGELES (September 16th, 2010) – In celebration of Lance Henriksens’ 70th birthday this year, Brett A Hart is offering the fans an opportunity to own the torturous 20ft manmade CACTUS from the movie ‘BONE DRY’ and a signed copy of the script.


Three years before reading the script ‘BONE DRY’ Director Brett Hart came up with the idea for the cactus scene. He wanted to do a western thriller and this scene was one of the first ideas he had.  In high school Hart scraped his hand across a very small cactus on a teacher’s desk, it was immediately painful and his hand quickly started to swell. It was then he realised, if he really wanted to torture someone, imagine how much more painful it would be to be forced to climb a full grown cactus. Then his mind started thinking – what would be even worse, to be forced to climb a cactus naked.


Hart said “When an incomplete script entitled “Mojave” came to me I knew within the first 20 pages that this would be my debut feature film.  A simple premise in epic locations, full of suspenseful opportunities with primarily two characters. I quickly assured co-writer Jeff O’Brien that I’d do everything within my means to bring the story to life. The first two things I suggested were to change the title to ‘BONE DRY’ and to add the viscerally disturbing cactus scene I had conjured up years before.”

To create the cactus was more complicated than the production team had initially imagined.  Purchasing a cactus and striping it of its needles is both illegal and physically impossible. After much research the team went to Imagivation in LA to make two cacti, one to climb, the other to cut down. Finding needles that looked real was also complex; several different types had to be imported from China. Since this was the signature sequence in the movie with both Luke Goss and Lance Henriksen, they invested quite a bit of the overall budget into the cactus – as much as creating ‘DUKE’ the truck.


On the day the cactus scene was due to be filmed, Hart totalled his Tahoe in a 4 car/ semi truck collision. Still they kept on moving and started shooting perhaps the most “intense” scene of the movie.  Hart said he had a different take on life after that wreck and wasn’t going to let anything stop him from shooting the “hallmark” scene he had envisioned for, by then, 5 years.


Now the fans of Lance Henriksen, Luke Goss and “BONE DRY” have the chance to own the 20ft Hollywood made CACTUS that Lance Henriksen hand cuffed Luke Goss to during the making of BONE DRY in the famous cactus scene, by bidding on eBay for this fabulous original picture prop.

In addition a signed script cover for the movie ‘BONE DRY’ by Luke Goss will be included with this original prickly prop. This is the perfect showpiece of Hollywood memorabilia for any Lance Henriksen and Luke Goss fan.


For more information contact Liz Rodriguez.

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